The first task is to explain the "division" of the 184 miles (or so) of The Thames Path into "manageable" Sections for all purposes. Traditionally the purpose shown by the Green Baloons below has been to base the Sections on "doing the lot" in about 2 weeks, hence the divisions into 15 day sized walks.

This Multi-App takes a more leisurely approach by breaking the Path into smaller Sections, normally on a lock-to-lock basis, hence a division into 51 Sections (58 including North as well as South Sections from Teddington to Greenwich).

Update Nov 2017

However at this time the completion of this Multi-App has been delayed pending the anticipated Google Trekker exercise (see article) for the Thames Path (for example please view our completed Cotswold Way App). See above for more Panorama details.

But in the meanwhile we have added some Google Streetview (camera on car/trike, where available) as a temporary substitute for Google Trekker (camera on backpack, taking in ALL of the Walks). These are in East, Segment 10.

As also seen above, the SatNav configurations are also incomplete because of these Trekker issues.

So at this stage of completion here is a Comparison Map for an explanation

The 51 Walks of this Multi-App are shown as alternating RED and ORANGE for clarity, however there is some commonality with the traditional divisions in that, for convenience, the Walks are contained within 10 Segments (5 West and 5 East) shown as Red Balloons and these are similar in many cases to the Green Balloons.

A handy example of this juxtaposition is shown in the cutout below where the Green Balloons take us from Shepperton to Teddington, that being Day 11 to Day 12. In this Multi-App the Red Balloons go from Segment 7 to 8 (also from Shepperton to Teddington), but that is further divided into Walk 41 to Sunbury Lock, Walk 42 to Molesey Lock and Walk 43 to Teddington Lock.

In Frame 2 of the Multi-App this will appear as

And if we accept the invitation to Select (eg) Walk 42 we will see this screen in Frame 3 (plus a Streetview in Frame 4).

To see what Flyovers, Panoramas, SatNav and Digital Track Cards has to offer in your enjoyment of The Thames Path, check the Menu Items above or simply Open the Multi-App.

But to return to the Green Balloons and Day 11 to 12, the Walker can simply use Walk 41 form Breakfast to Elevenses (after using the SatNav facility to find The Weir) and so on with the shorter Walk 42 to Lunch and Walk 43 to close out the day.